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The Woodend Nursery and Preschool Facts

Fee Structure

Our preschool is included in the 20 hours ECE programme meaning any child over the age of 3 is eligible for 20 hours free ECE. Families may also be eligible for WINZ Subsidies and we provide the relevant paperwork to be completed when applying.


The preschool is open from 7.30am - 5.45pm Mondays to Fridays.
We are closed on Public Holidays.
We offer full day, half day, and school hour sessions (9 – 3pm) at the preschool, according to availability.

We are part of the 20 hours ECE scheme.


We operate staff to child ratios of 1:9 in the over twos and 1:4 in the under twos.

Settling In

Caregivers are required to spend an orientation time with their children at the Preschool before leaving them here. This promotes confidence in the child (and the parent) while the child explores and adjusts to the new environment and makes the settling in process a smoother one. You are always welcome to drop in during the day and to phone us at any time should you wish to check on your child’s well-being.

What do the children bring to preschool?

  • Children bring their own lunch box, drink bottle and a piece of fruit to share for shared morning and afternoon tea.
  • Disposable nappies if required.
  • Bottles of milk or formula as required
  • A backpack with a change or changes of clothes, suitable for your child to experience the full range of (sometimes!) messy experiences that we offer in our programme throughout the day, and warm clothes for our cooler weather – all named please to avoid lost property.
  • Sensible, supportive shoes that your child can run, jump and dance in.
  • We provide sunblock for the children and apply this twice a day.
  • Children are required to wear hats while outside in the summer months. We ask that they bring their own named hat to minimize the risk of head lice.

Family Evenings and involvement

You are an important part of our community and have much to contribute. You are welcome at the centre at any time to share your ideas, discuss your child’s development or just to spend time with your child. A monthly newsletter will keep you informed on the running of the Preschool. We have an Operations Manual that contains our Policies and Procedures, which we ask you to read, and a parent library where books are available on loan. We have parents’ evenings approximately four times a year which may be on an educational topic or just an informal get together. Please read the Parents’ Notice Board and the Programme Planning Sheet, which will keep you in touch with what your child is interested in and doing while at the Centre. We hold formal parent teacher interviews once a year with dedicated time spent with your child’s profile teacher reviewing your child’s learning, milestones, experiences and offers an opportunity for any to share any questions, and gather your aspirations.

Four Year old Transition to school Programme

Our robust Transition to School programme is based on children's current interests and focuses on preparing children for Primary school. We encourage children to be able to manage themselves, gain skills in literacy and numeracy, problem solve, be confident and competent to ask questions, and gain skills in early concepts of all areas of the curriculum. We provide our Transisiton to school children with an extension excursion experience once a term to build on the learning that they are currently undertaking. We have a very strong link with all of our local schools, and liase with them frequently to form an annual plan that will support children moving in to primary school. We even offer our parents an opportunity for one of our dedicated teachers to spend some time in the new entrant classroom when children begin their visits. 


Excursions are a valuable learning experience and great fun for the children. We schedule trips according to the curriculum and community events and are usually inundated with parent help for the trips, - which is great. In the past children have experienced trips to the Antarctic Centre, the Rangiora A&P Show, local school and musical society productions, the local parks and Willowbank. All excursions are thoroughly planned and attention to health and safety risks is continually assessed with a strong emphasis on high teacher to child ratios. Permission is required from caregivers before the children go on any excursion.

Does my child have any documented records of their time at preschool?

Each child has an allocated profile teacher who documents their learning and development through observational based learning stories. These are collated in your child’s profile book which is yours to keep once your child leaves preschool. We base our curriculum planning on these learning stories, so that the curriculum and activities we provide are based on interests that your child shows through their play. Children aged under one are provided with a daily communication notebook for each day of attendance, in which all routines, sleeps, bottles and food along with comments from the day are noted.