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About Woodend Preschool and Nursery

The smaller numbers of children allow for an intimate and child centred approach to our curriculum that readily adapts to accommodate the individual learning needs of each child.

Woodend Nursery

Licensed for just 12 under twos, our nursery offers a calm, quiet space with a dedicated outdoor area just for the nursery children.

Running such a small nursery environment allows the teachers to easily follow the natural rhythms of each child and their individual routine. A separate sleep room allows us to follow the routines that the parents have established at home and create consistency and security for the nursery children through this.

Woodend Preschool

The renovated preschool area accommodates the developmental needs of our 2 to 2 1/2 – 5 year olds in a variety of ways. We have strong links to the local primary schools providing our 4 1/2 year old children with a robust transition to school programme.

We have a strong focus on sustainability and are proud of how environmentally friendly we are. We recycle all of our food scraps, paper, cardboard, plastics and paper towels used for hand washing, - therefore striving to have zero rubbish. We make our own compost, bokashi and have a worm farm that produces worm wee which we use in our garden, or donate back to the community when plentiful. 

We implement a personal safety programme called "All About Me" that teaches children skills to help them keep safe from harm.

Our main focus for our over two children is to empower them to be independent, and develop confidence within a social setting.